Preparing for Summer Holiday Travel

Preparing for Summer Holiday Travel

Before you hit the road this summer let us assist you in making yourself aware of a few important inspections and checks you can make to prepare yourself for those long, hot road trips. With a quick pre-trip vehicle check-up it is easy to determine how road-ready a vehicle is before experiencing problems on vacation or during travels. Conducting a vehicle inspection before leaving will help to avoid troublesome repairs and prevent potential safety hazards that result from a break down far from home. While some complications are not foreseeable, using the upmost caution and preparation will help to protect your vehicle and its occupants. 

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Always schedule a tune-up before major trips as even a minor appointment with a mechanic could reveal a potential issue you did not detect or notice from driving. Tune-ups also help to promote increased fuel economy and produce the lowest possible emissions from driving.

Check the brake system and ensure the battery connection is secure and clean.  These simple tips alone can help to prevent unneeded complications in the future. Check all filters and top off all fluids including: engine oil, windshield wiper fluid, power-steering, brake fluid.  This will help the vehicle to run smoothly and at peak performance. 

Be cautious to check all hoses and belts and replace any damaged equipment showing extensive wear or appearing to be in critical condition. These belts and hoses are vital to the operation of the cooling system, air conditioning, power steering and the electrical system. Regardless of internal operations, trying to survive a summer road trip without air conditioning could be even more devastating than a breakdown. 

Check tires for correct tread and tire pressure. Having improper tread on the tires of a vehicle could cause difficulty in maneuverability and potentially an accident in inclement weather which could have been easily avoided. Underinflated tires could both cause issues with performance and decreased fuel economy.  Finally, inspect the gas cap to find any damages or cracks to prevent fuel lose from spillage or evaporation. 

Using these simple indicators to evaluate the road-readiness of your vehicle can help to prevent unneeded complications on a summer vacation and give you peace of mind to make summer traveling more enjoyable. There is no easier way to ruin a family vacation than an avoidable auto repair or break down. Make a defined schedule of when you will participate in these scheduled services to keep you current with routine maintenance and do not deviate from this schedule after the vacation is over. Staying up-to-date with services as simple as oil changes and filter replacement will greatly improve performance and vehicle life not only for this summer, but for the life of the vehicle. Prevent costly summer auto repairs with these painless suggestions and never get caught out in the heat again!