Oil Changes for Mother’s Day

Oil Changes for Mother’s Day

When you were growing up, your Mother gave you the world!  So, what better way to show her how much you care about her than the gift of vehicle maintenance. Skip the cheesy cards and give the Mother in your life a gift that is not only practical, but one she can enjoy for 3,000–5,000 miles. Transform that forgettable bouquet of flowers into a memorable oil change with sentimental value that truly shows how much you care about her safety and the longevity of her vehicle. This is a thoughtful gift any Mother will use and make her feel like a queen while doing an everyday task such as having an oil change. 

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Preventative maintenance is the most effective step any vehicle owner could utilize to both improve the performance of their vehicle and protect the longevity of its life. Being the careful, intelligent woman who taught you everything you know, any Mother will appreciate this useful gift and see it as more than a present, but a true sentiment of how much you care. Oil changes are a fundamental part of any vehicle’s preventative maintenance plan, due to the numerous functions oil provides the engine and vehicle as a whole.

Changing the oil in a vehicle frequently will not only greatly improve the life expectancy of the vehicle, but will also increase gas mileage and productivity of your engine.  Never underestimating the power of staying current with routine maintenance such as oil changes and filter replacement will help to keep any vehicle in pristine condition for as long as possible. Much like we use water to clear unwanted toxins out of our body, oil helps to clear the debris from our engine and keep it running smoothly. When oil changes do not occur on a regular basis dirt will begin to accumulate slowly and prevent the oil from functioning as it properly should to lubricate the engine properly, subsequently increasing friction, rising operating temperatures and causing unneeded engine repair. When unneeded engine wear and tear results from these complications it drastically shortens the life of your engine causing much costlier repairs and replacements. 

Surprise the Mother in your life with the ever thoughtful and meaningful gift of an oil change, the gift that keeps on giving long after the holiday is over. Pleasantly thinking of you each time she gets into her vehicle and remembering why you are her favorite child. Give the Mother in your life the best gift she will ever receive and help her on the road to safer and more reliable vehicle.