MB IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! PERIOD, I'm a handy man myself and I took my Mercedes to 5 other Repair Shops but they had no clue and gave me the wrong diagnostics and tried to charge $$$ So I went to MB and they located the problem and fixed it expeditiously with a fair price. MB Is So Skilled & Professional Finally I Found a "GREAT SHOP! The Techs are skilled and The Owner Tony is EXCEEDINGLY SKILLED and the Best I've seen at his craft., He knows what he is doing, Absolute EXPERTISE!! The best Professional Experience I've ever had with a Import Repair Shop! I'll never go anywhere Else!!! MB takes the stress out of a car repair completely!! What a Great Experience and Customer service. Thanks Guys Keep Up the Good the Work! I Promise will bring more grandmas Cookies on my next visit!
-Mike Peluso
Tony and his guys are fantastic! We have been going there for years and will continue to do so. The service is high quality, pricing is very reasonable, and on multiple occasions Tony has gone FAR above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we were happy customers! Highly recommend them. We moved to the opposite side of Charlotte and still take our car there for service because they're so great!
-Sandy W
Awesome service and great people...Thanks for saving me from the local dealership!! I have my go to service company. Will refer everyone I know Thanks!!
-John Paxton
My Bmw was throwing a fuel pressure code which required a pricey fuel system overhaul. Instead of taking my money and keeping quiet he politely informed me that there was a recall on the fuel pump and injectors for my model saving me hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Honest and respectful service. The service they did compete on my car was top notch.
-Thomas Matthews
I have three Mercedes Benz models that only Tony and his experienced crew at MB Mercedes get to work on. I have total faith and confidence in their work and their opinion. I have never had an issue out of any work they have ever done. This is by far the best repair shop in the area. I drive right passed Hendrick Mercedes North and never have any doubts that the work from Tony is equal to or better than Hendrick and I know it will certainly be less expensive. Thanks Tony!
-Michael Phillips
I went into MB last week with a very minor issue on my BMW that was perplexing me. The fix was very simple and the guys at MB took the time to come out and explain how simple the fix was. The point here is that other dealerships would have charged me an $89 diagnostic fee, told me that my radiator was bad, and that my transmission needed to be replaced. These guys came out, showed me how to reset the computer, and went back in. No charge. Thanks for your honesty. You have yet another loyal customer relationship beginning.
-Dan Van Rossen
Unfortunately we no longer have our Mercedes ML as we now have 3 children and needed to swap for a minivan, but when we did have it, we loved Tony and MB Mercedes. He was always way less than the dealer on repairs and he was always very honest with us as to what needed to be done. We always felt like they were charging too much at the dealership and doing more than what was really necessary. Tony always told us what needed to be done and gave us options. We never had a repair we were not completely happy with either. I would high recommend Tony and MB Mercedes to anyone who is looking for an honest, reliable mechanic.
-Holly Caulder
We have only moved here a little over a year ago and have had 2 Mercedes since we have been here. Tony and Chris have been great in taking care of all of our vehicle needs. Much better professional service and customer experience that you expect to receive at your higher price MB dealer without the high prices Thanks Lou Costanza
-Lou Costanza
I've been taking my BMW to MB Mercedes for about a year now and I've always received great service from their staff. I love the fact that they are professional, honest, patient, and can explain things in simple terms for me to understand. I have not had a bad experience once. I will continue to take my car to them and I'm glad to share my experience and shout their praises to all I come across.
-K Merc
Have the transmission control unit error code cleared on my ML320. For a reasonable cost. My SUV is finally out of limp mode. Absolutely recommended
-Boyang Qin
It's nice to have a local place I can trust with my vehicles, Tony and his crew always do a solid job!
-Jim F
No matter the problem MB can diagnose, knock it out, and get me back on the road. I never go anywhere else.
I have had some bad experiences in the past with other auto repair shops, so I did some searching around until I came across MB Repair Center. I like that they don't talk down to me or just take my money. They do the most urgent service first, let me know where I can squeeze out a few more miles, I appreciate the very transparent service.
-Mary H
Great service. Very professional. Experts at their craft. They repaired my 99 SLK 230 convertible top at a very reasonable price. The quality of the work was outstanding. I'd highly recommend to anyone who needs service done on their car.
-Jim Deitzel
Great customer service and attention to making sure your car is in great shape!!!! Highly recommend!
-Brad Barkley
I am new to the area (1 week). My wife's mini was having battery problems. I got her car jumpstarted and drove right to MB Service. The team was very polite and worked to resolve the issue with the car. The next day the car was fixed and starting every time. The price to repair was fair, and I will be a new customer at MB Service going forward. Thanks for such great service.
-Tom Tallon
Good guys to work with and they know Mecanics, brought a band that was not starting and now it’s running. Very polite and always ready to help!
-Corneliu Hui