Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Trick or Treat! Kids and adults both love Halloween with all the candy, costumes and fun of being up late. As witches, superheroes, ghosts and celebrities roam the streets in search of candy and treats, drivers need to be cautious when driving. Halloween can be a dangerous time for drivers and pedestrians alike. Statistics have shown Halloween is one of the deadliest days of the year for pedestrians. It is a night filled with darkness, increased pedestrian traffic and all sorts of distractions.  Let’s not let this fun evening turn into a tragedy. Following these driving safety tips can help drivers and pedestrians be safe this Halloween.  

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1. Use your headlights — Halloween nights can be foggy and dark. Always make sure you use your headlights so you are visible to pedestrians.  2. Speed control — Be extra cautious and alert when driving. Drive slower than the posted speed limit, especially in residential areas. Children tend to be very excited about the events of the night and may not pay attention before darting or crossing the road. Drive slowly so you can respond quickly if you need to. 3. Don’t drive distracted — Keep your full attention on the road. Avoid using your phone and keep music at a level which enables you to hear horns and pedestrians around.  4. Exit driveways and pull onto streets with extreme caution — Be careful when backing out into the street. 5. Communicate with other drivers — Always use your indicator lights and hazard lights when pulling over or stopping to drop-off or pick-up children.  6. Drive sober — If you are celebrating Halloween with alcohol, designate a sober driver or take a taxi.  


1. Be visible to drivers — Make sure drivers can see you walking the streets. Carry a flashlight or glowstick. Avoid costumes which obstruct your vision.  2. Be cautious when crossing the street — Follow the rules of the road. Cross the street where there is a traffic sign and be alert by looking both ways before crossing.  3. Stay on the sidewalk — It is safer to be on the sidewalk. If there is none, then always walk facing traffic.  4. Buddy system — Always have a plan as to how you are going to get back safely home at the end of the night. Create a buddy system to get each other home, arrange a designated driver or call a taxi. Driving drunk or walking with impaired vision is very dangerous.  Follow these safety tips for drivers and pedestrians and enjoy the Halloween festivities responsibly. With a little consideration, you and your family can focus on making memories that will last for years to come. Happy Halloween!