Stay Ahead of Brake Repairs

Stay Ahead of Brake Repairs

Staying current with brake inspection is imperative to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Most major malfunctions and repairs can be avoided with routine maintenance, coupled with driver awareness. Learn signs of needed brake repairs such as: noises, smells and other vehicle malfunctions. Through driver awareness of these symptoms, problems can be easily detected to prevent long-term damages. Use these following tips to detect early signs of needed brake repair and, when these signs appear, consult your auto repair specialist immediately.

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Sound: Unfamiliar noises such as: squealing, rubbing, and screeching are typical symptoms of brake pad or brake shoe malfunction. Inspecting curious noises produced from brake systems should be addressed as quickly as possible to avoid further damage of brake pads and shoes, brake rotors and drums, and / or other vehicle parts.

Vibration: Pulsations or vibrations occurring in the brake pedal or steering wheel can indicate brake system failures. Never disregard vehicle vibrations, as pulsations are commonly caused by brake rotors wearing down from excessive use of brakes in disrepair. As needed brake repairs prolong, rotors can become warped from metal to metal contact causing irreversible damage resulting in costly brake repairs.

Function: When brake functionality begins to change, schedule a brake system inspection quickly. If you experience decreased ability to brake (i.e. a “soft” brake pedal or a brake pedal that travels to the floor before brakes engage) it is likely a brake repair is in order. When brake use begins to become more difficult by increased pressure needed to brake, this could be a driver’s first indicator that brake pads are beginning to wear.

Smell: If you begin to smell a foul, rigid burning scent produced from the area around the vehicle’s tire,stop operations immediately. These scents are not normal and can cause incredibly unsafe situations for all of the vehicle’s occupants. Consult an auto repair specialist immediately to inspect brake system complications and find any parts that may be compromised. Never continue driving a vehicle with obscene smells coming from the area’s that surround the tire, as brake repair is severely needed. 

Warning: Do not disregard brake repair warning lights or other built-in vehicle warnings. While this suggestion might seem elementary, brake warning lights should be taken seriously at first detection.

Never continue driving a vehicle with symptoms of brake failure. Failing brakes result in both costly damages and severely unsafe driving situations. By using these easy tips, drivers can easily maintain brake repair safety, while staying ahead of costly brake repairs. Save time and money while gaining piece of mind by staying current with brake system inspection and maintenance.