Mark Auto Repair off Your Back-To-School To-Do List

Mark Auto Repair off Your Back-To-School To-Do List

The kids are going to be headed off to school again before you know it, and then of course, the holidays will start coming one after another between Labor Day and the end of the year. There’s a lot to stay on top of, and auto repair should be one less thing for you, the grownup, to worry about as the year marches on. Here are some suggestions for things you might want to take care of before it all starts rolling again:

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• Oil Change – Can’t remember the date of your last oil change? Then it might be a good idea to go ahead and set up another one. Dirty motor oil is so loaded with carbon and other contaminants it will begin to form sludgy carbon deposits on internal engine assemblies and moving parts. Clean motor oil and changes at regular intervals are your single best tool when it comes to keeping your car on the road for a long time. 

• Tire Rotation – No vehicle has 50/50 weight distribution between front and rear, and front tires are subjected to different stresses than rear tires due to braking and cornering physics. Tire rotations ensure even wear on all four tires as you change their positions on the vehicle. Tire rotations are recommended at 5,000 mile intervals…make it simple and just schedule a tire rotation along with an oil change. • Electrical Checkup – Weather extremes put a lot of stress on your car’s battery. It’s a good idea to have the battery’s reserve starting power checked along with the alternator. In addition, we can check the battery cables’ connections and clean any corrosion or deposits which might be building up around the cables and posts. 

• Engine Diagnostics – Is your Check Engine light illuminated? Even if you vehicle seems to be running fine, the Check Engine light shouldn’t be ignored. It can mean something minor like a leaking vacuum line under the hood or a loose gas cap, to a bad misfire or an emissions problem which can wreck your car’s catalytic converter. Our technicians at can diagnose and fix any issues which might be triggering that Check Engine lamp. 

• Belts, Hoses and Filters – It might seem minor, but a blown hose or a failed serpentine belt can stop you cold. Your air filter, on the other hand, can compromise fuel economy and performance if left too long. Back-to-school is a good time to go ahead and inspect the belt and hoses, and it’s easy enough to just replace that air filter and cabin filter while the hood’s up. 

 They all might seem like little things, but little things can add up to be one big thing… and a “little thing” doesn’t seem so little if you’re stranded in a parking lot or on the side of the road waiting for help. Schedule an appointment and let us take care of your back-to-school auto repair concerns so it won’t be one more thing for you to worry about.