5 Simple New Years Resolutions for Your Vehicle

5 Simple New Years Resolutions for Your Vehicle

This year you might resolve to fix your house, work out more, eat healthier, or go for that goal you’ve had your eye on for years. This year should also be the year that you resolve to fix or maintain your vehicle, lower your repair costs, lower your gas usage, and add a few years onto your trusted vehicle. With a few simple resolutions, you can keep your vehicle as happy and healthy as you strive to be this year. 

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This year, resolve to: 

  1. Keep up on your oil changes! Your seasonal (every 3 months or every 3,000 miles) oil changes are the best thing you can do for your vehicle. An oil change helps flush out the used oil and debris that can cause your engine parts to start wearing down. Oil changes prevent damage and keep all of your moving parts cool, moving, and free from harmful friction. This is one of the simplest, fastest, and most cost-efficient forms of maintenance you can get.  When you take your vehicle in for an oil change, you get the additional benefits of spot checks, battery checks, fluid top-offs, and filter changes. 
  2. Clean your filters! Keeping an eye on your filters and replacing them when they are obviously dirty or breaking down will keep the air flowing in your vehicle. Not only is your air filter important for your heating and cooling system in the cabin, but it is also important to keep enough oxygen going through the engine. This reduces your gas usage and maintains proper performance. 
  3. No more jackrabbit starts! You may not realize how hard these are on your engine and your wallet. These quick stop and go driving habits can use unnecessary gas and cause damage to your engine, transmission, and brakes. Ease into your stopping and starting, and you’ll notice a difference in your vehicle’s performance and your gas use. 
  4. Mind your tires! Most people don’t pay enough attention to their tires. Do you know that a good pair of tires is an investment that should last around 3 years? If you are monitoring your tire pressure, you can prevent your tires from needing to be replaced due to uneven wear. Tire rotation and wheel balancing and alignment will also help with the wear and tear caused by normal driving conditions. Properly filled and aligned tires result in a smoother ride, and will help you inevitably save money on gas because your vehicle isn’t trying so hard to maintain its course. 
  5. Don’t forget the little things! Little periodic fixes can actually save you in the long run in big repairs, and you will ultimately be safer. Replace your windshield wipers when they start to show signs of wear. Don’t wait until that big storm to hit. Keep a spare container of washer fluid and oil in your trunk, just in case. Wash your car when it’s dirty to prevent the debris from causing engine troubles.  Keep your tires free from rocks and obstructions that can cause leaks, and replace that squealing belt before it cracks and causes a breakdown. The little things add up to big savings when it means keeping you on the road. 

 The good news is we are here to help! We can schedule your quick fixes and routine maintenance, answer questions, and provide you with tips to keep your vehicle up and running through all of your new years resolutions!