Are New Tires on Your Back to School List? - MB Mercedes BMW Mini Service & Repair Center

Are New Tires on Your Back to School List? – MB Mercedes BMW Mini Service & Repair Center

Fall is in the air, and that can mean only one thing: it’s back to school time! As you run through your back to school checklist- pencils, notebooks, binders, books, and tires- yes, you read that correctly: TIRES. Why add new tires to your back to school checklist? Because now is the BEST time to get new tires for you or your student’s vehicle. Whether you are carpooling your students around, want something dependable for your extra-curricular high school smarty, or need that reliable vehicle for your independent college bound kid- making sure you get the best start to a new school year means starting with replacing your old tires.

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Safety counts! By swapping out old, worn down, and bald tires, you will increase the overall safety of your vehicle. A set of four new tires will provide the best traction, control, and comfort for the upcoming fall and winter driving. New tires provide the absolute best in tread that can prevent skids and slides on the slick roads that become common in the fall. New tires also stop faster and turn better than their used, worn out counterparts, essential for school zones.

Tires are a SMART investment. Did you know that when well maintained, tires should last you about five years? That’s an entire high school or college education! Buy tires once and do the upkeep, and a good quality set of tires can last you about half a decade. Tires are relatively cheap and easy to maintain. All you need to do is remember to schedule rotations, keep tires properly inflated (with cheap or free compressed air, of course), keep tires clean, and avoid road hazards that can damage tires prematurely. As far as the safety in your vehicle goes, new tires offer the best bang for your buck.

A reliable ride that won’t keep you stuck after class. No one likes to be stranded with a flat tire. Time left on a roadside waiting for a tow truck is time that can be spent on homework and studying for a big exam. Tires that can hold the proper amount of air, lack cracks or damage, and have a safe amount of tread left will be the safest tires on the road. Some flats are unavoidable- but the majority of flats can be prevented by making sure your tires have a safe amount of tread (you’ll know this if it can pass the ‘Lincoln penny head test’), by properly repairing any small punctures, and by keeping tires free from debris. A set of new tires will have the optimal amount of tread free from previous repairs and damage.

As summer winds down and school bells signal class is back in session, make sure that you and all of the students in your life have the best and safest start to the school year with an investment in new tires. With four new tires, you’ll start off the year smarter, safer, and more secure in knowing that you’ve got a reliable set of wheels. Stop in today for the best back to school deals!