Tips to Prep Your Car for Winter

With the transition to the winter season, we start to make changes to our wardrobe to keep warm and comfortable. Your car might will need a winter makeover as well to be in optimal working order. Maintenance and auto repairs need to be performed throughout the year, but your vehicle needs a bit more thought in winter. Road conditions can become very hazardous during winter weather, which can make driving dangerous. It’s essential to plan ahead for the conditions and situations that can arise as winter conditions develop. Proper winter car preparation prevents a breakdown or even an accident. Our mechanics have compiled the following list of helpful tips to best prepare your vehicle for the winter season.

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Ways to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Install Winter Tires: Winter tires will provide a rubber compound that stays pliable in cold weather for better control and traction when maneuvering in snow and icy conditions. Check for wear before installing the tires and check tire air pressure frequently, as it decreases in cold weather.

Test Your Car Battery: Cold weather makes it harder for an engine to turn over and has a negative impact on the power a battery can deliver. Test your car’s battery, and make sure there is no corrosion on the terminals. If your battery is old, consider a battery replacement.   

Brakes Inspection: Road conditions may become hazardous in winter times. Have your brakes inspected for sufficient fluid and check the brakes pad for wear and tear and have pads replaced if necessary. Your brakes need to be in optimal working condition at all times. 

  Defrost / Climate Control System: Check the window defroster and climate control system of your air conditioning and heating system to ensure they are working correctly. The climate control systems and defroster help to keep you warm and keeps your windows from fogging up. The climate control system is crucial for your comfort and safety throughout the winter.    Get New Wiper Blades: Wiper blades are relatively inexpensive. You need to have your wiper blades replaced before winter hits. Wiper blades will be used continuously to push snow and ice from your windshield, granting you crucial visibility.