Five Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Five Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

1. Tires: Ensure tire pressure is properly serviced and maintained for both lengthy travels and everyday driving. Underinflation of tires can cause unnecessary wear and hardship to tire tread, causing tire failure or malfunctions. If not properly inflated, fuel economy can be severely decreased, causing drivers to lose about .6 miles per gallon due to improper tire conditions. Whether over or under inflated, tires can easily lose traction that could lead to an accident if not addressed. Service tires before Thanksgiving travel this holiday season to avoid unnecessary accidents, injury or inconvenience.

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2. Headlights: Maintaining proper safety and visibility is imperative for winter driving conditions as travelers often drive in less than perfect conditions. Do not let rain, sleet, snow or even a dark winter night induce harmful driving situations for your vehicle this Thanksgiving with headlight restoration and replacement. Simple headlight cleanings are inexpensive and can quickly provide drivers with improved safety and maneuverability.

3. Fuel: Often travelers will wait until their fuel levels have dropped considerably to refill their tank, this can be harmful to vehicles and budgets. Once fuel levels drop below half a tank, gas will more quickly evaporate and cause travelers to purchase more fuel throughout their trip. Maintaining fuel levels frequently will allow drivers to ensure no vehicle malfunctions are occurring and give drivers improved concentration for the road ahead.

4. Spark Plugs: Checking spark plugs frequently will improve fuel economy, vehicle safety and help drivers avoid potential auto repairs in the future. Over time spark plugs can become soiled or corroded, potentially leaving travelers stranded without routine check-ups and replacement. Improperly functioning spark plugs can also decrease fuel economy up to two miles per gallon.

5. Oil and Filters: Before setting out on Thanksgiving adventures keep in mind routine auto repairs such as oil changes and filter replacement. Simple auto repairs such as these can improve drivability and safety to ensure larger auto repairs are not needed while on the road. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual to find specifications of when oil changes and filter replacements should occur.

Use these helpful tips in combination with advice from auto repair professionals to ensure safe Thanksgiving travel this holiday season. Often large auto repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance and tire repair throughout the year or before extended travel.