Don't Be Scared By Auto Repair - Fall Car Care Tips

Don’t Be Scared By Auto Repair – Fall Car Care Tips

As Halloween quickly approaches, the spookiest time of the year is right around the corner with plenty of goblins and ghosts to frighten even the most cheerful souls. However, nothing is more frightening than unwanted vehicle malfunctions or foreseeable failures. Prevent excessive auto repair situations with useful tips on Halloween driver safety coupled with careful driving habits to keep any vehicle rolling through this season. Through proper maintenance and inspections, auto repair does not have to be scary; instead find safety in proper vehicle operations with improved handling, fuel efficiency and mobility.

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In preparation for winter, fall auto repair is important for both maintaining current automotive functions and sustaining proper conditions for future use. Maintaining these functions begins with ensuring all safety features of the vehicle are protected, starting with ensuring brake repair is up-to-date. As one of the most critical safety features of a vehicle, ensuring brakes are working properly is imperative to both driver and pedestrian protection. Be aware of signs that brakes brakes are falling into disrepair by high pitch squeaking, difficulty braking or exerting more pressure than usual when braking, and obscenely unpleasant smells coming from brake areas. Never operate a vehicle with questionable brake health as this could lead to a serious or fatal accident.

Before packing up to hit all the best “trick-or-treat” locations, check windshield wiper fluids on both the front and back windshields. Ensuring windshield wiper fluid and functionality will improve both visibility and safety. During season changes, pollen and other obstructions such as leaves and plants on the windshield can cause drivers to lose vision. With properly maintained windshield wipers and topped-off windshield wiper fluid, drivers can avoid blind spots to ensure vehicle and pedestrian safety. Refilling windshield wiper fluid and replacing windshield wipers is a quick, easy measure anyone can take to protect their vehicle and loved ones this Halloween.

Clear visibility of surroundings is vital when taking children out to trick-or-treat and participating in other fall activities. Scheduling a brief check-up to maintain headlight clarity and brightness is imperative. Throughout the year, different residue and other particles collect on headlights causing decreased vision and lowered vehicle safety.  Protect visibility by cleaning headlights and replacing headlights when needed. Headlights, like all normal light bulbs, dim gradually and should be replaced regularly to maintain optimum visibility.

Avoid auto repair scares this fall by scheduling an appointment for scheduled maintenance or necessary services. Stay safe this fall and keep horror stories around the camp fire and out of the garage by participating in routine auto maintenance and taking proper safety measures when on the road.