April: National Car Care Month

April: National Car Care Month

April is National Car Care Month and there is no better time to break free from the chains of winter to start your journey to a dependable, road ready vehicle. Routine maintenance can seem overwhelming and with a never ending cycle of checks and replacements, sometimes it is hard to remember where one project ends and the next one begins. Knowledge is power and whether you are a mechanic or soccer mom every vehicle owner should have at least passing knowledge about their vehicle.

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Allowing your vehicle to fall into disrepair during the winter months is nearly inevitable. Spending time working on a vehicle during an icy day is less likely than waking a hibernating bear and nearly as pleasant. Thus, when April is sprung upon us there is no better reason to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather than auto repair and routine maintenance. Both internally and externally the maintenance of a vehicle has likely suffered during the winter months, however with simple steps could easily return to its former glory to cruise those summer nights.

If have not already, make a spring resolution to start a schedule for routine maintenance. Preventative maintenance is the most effective maintenance and will save both time and money in the future. Be mindful of the small signs your vehicle gives you for needed repairs such as squeaking brakes or warning lights. Similarly to most issues if you can address a small auto repair complication at its start, it will prevent a much larger/costlier repair in the future.

Most vehicle owners know regular oil changes are important, but how important is replacing or checking other fluids in the vehicle? Checking power steering, brake, transition and antifreeze/coolant and fluids is equally needed as routine oil changes. These fluids are the blood of a vehicle and without them the engine will not only perform poorly, but could be causing harmful damage to the vehicle. When you have fluids checked schedule a tune-up, this helps your engine to produce the most power and balance in fuel economy, while producing the lowest level of emissions. A properly tuned engine will save the owner approximately 4% on fuel economy compared to the same un-tuned engine.

Annual checks such as brakes and battery checks will help you to avoid inconveniencing failures and assist in better understand when vital parts of the engine or vehicle might have fallen into disrepair. Spring is the best time of year for a fresh start, stop by and let us help you get this spring started with vehicle maintenance and improved safety!